Too much water is coming from the nozzle in BLAST mode.

  • Close the water dose valve.
  • If possible use at least 20 mesh abrasive material.  
  • Otherwise decrease the CPM set point until the pattern improves.

Outlined in manual 3A3489

  • The optimal set point of the abrasive metering valve and corresponding MediaTrak CPM value varies significantly depending on application and user desired performance. The General Application Guides in the manual describe the generally accepted range of CPM set points based on the substrate and blast pressure set point. The grey highlighted area illustrates the typical range of blast pressure set points and their corresponding CPM set points for that substrate.
  • To find the recommended CPM set point, select the table that most closely matches the substrate that is to be blasted. Determine the blast pressure set point based on the media that is being used, and the desired surface profile to be achieved. Then, use the corresponding lines on the chart to select the appropriate CPM set point.
  • For inexperienced users, select a blast pressure near the low end of the highlighted range. Increase blast pressure and CPM until the desired profile and removal rate are achieved.