ProMix 2KS/3KS Software Change History

All ProMix 2KS and 3KS systems should match one of the following system versions.

See instruction manuals 312775, 312776, 312777 and 312778 for complete details on the ProMix 2KS system. 

See instruction manuals 313881, 313882, 313883 and 313885 for complete details on the ProMix 3KS system.

The latest revision manual can be found at

For ProMix 2KS/3KS Software Upgrade Files please click HERE.

  • Mix Fill Push added to clear potlife by flowing material through GFB Job counters now go to 999,999 cc for very high volume jobs Grand Total counters now go to 9,999,999 liters. 
  • Separate Spray and Fill job counters for easier accounting Continue Mix-Fill volume if alarm encountered 
    • Initiated with CC. MIX to continue after alarm reset. 
    • It’s a continuation of time. Volume check after Mix-Fill. 
    • A Mix-Fill volume alarm will still allow Mix. 
  • Improved stability with 3K dosing 
  • Improved stability with Dynamic dosing Additional buzzer mode options 
    • Potlife only, All alarms, All except Potlife 
  • More precise timing for Special Outputs 
    • Note: Possible 250 ms glitch at power-on. 
  • Screen updates 
    • Translations and formatting 
  • Improved clock accuracy 
  • Web communication reliability 
  • Debug data screens added 
  • Additional job reporting information 
  • Flow Control performance 
    • Pressure control with gun off for low burst and drop-out 
    • One-Point flow calibration to learn fast gun triggers 
    • Learn power adjustment for stable learning 
    • Improved PID loop 
    • Live view screen of Pressure-Flow table 
    • Operates down to 3 PSI at the transducer 
  • System Idle asserts alarm in Automatic mode – PLC communication or control change may be needed. Illustrate with timing diagram? 
  • Issues may be mitigated by setting the System Idle timeout to a higher value.
  • Automatic control reliability.
  • The AWI will also need to be updated to support the new features.
  • 3K-DD.
  • Solvent push.
  • Buzzer alarm.
  • Back light time.
  • 10cc solvent leak.
  • 3K-DD.
  • Solvent push.
  • Buzzer alarm.
  • Back light time.
  • 10cc solvent leak.
  • Improved start-up problem for FP (compiled vectors.c with optimization "1" for bug in OS.  All the files are the same as version 2.02.000) 
  • 3K-seq and 2K-DD (show software versions, re-initialize LCD screen.)

Read, understand and follow all instruction manuals and warning labels supplied with all equipment. Only trained and qualified personnel should perform repairs on the equipment. To access the latest manuals in your preferred language go to “” and use the “Search” function.