The Version History of the Warm Melt SP Software is listed below. The software currently installed on a Warm Melt SP system can be found by navigating to Advanced Setup Screen four. Details on this screen can be found in Warm Melt SP Operation Manual 333587.
All Warm Melt SP systems should match one of the following system versions. If an upgrade to a newer software version is desired, follow the procedure in manual 3A6321 to download the latest version of software to a token.  Alternatively, order the appropriate “Software Upgrade Token” as listed below. This Upgrade Token is used to upgrade software on all of the system components per the procedure described in manual 3A1244.

NOTE: Upgrading software may clear some USB data (i.e. pump cycles, material volume, etc.)  It is recommended that a full USB download be completed before upgrading software.






Software Upgrade Token 18A258 Series C

  • System: 18A257c (Software Link) version 1.01.004
  • Advanced Display (ADM): 18C209 version 1.01.004
  • USB Configuration: 18C212 version 1.01.001
  • Auto Mult-Zone (AMZ): 17L866 version 1.03.005
  • I/O Daughter Board (DB): 18C213 version 1.01.004
  • Communications Gateway Module (CGM): 17P796 version 3.01.004

Original Release