Reactor 3 Cellular Info

The following table lists the most up to date information available to Graco on cellular coverage by country.  When purchasing a new or replacement cellular module, reference this table for the currently recommended module to purchase for use within your country. 

  • If your country is not listed, reference the recommendation for "Rest of World (RoW)". 
  • After identifying the recommended cellular module part number here, reference the "Models" table in instruction manual 3A8504 for the proper kit to purchase.
  • Some countries continue to support older technologies not marked on this table.  For existing cellular modules, you are free to continue to use older technology as long as it meets your needs.


Recommended Cellular Modules by Country
Cellular module part numbers1 and technology:    
  18E132 18E149 18E150 18E133  
Country CAT-M (4G) CAT-M (4G) CAT-1 (4G) 3G  
Rest of World (RoW)       x  
Abkhazia         x
Andorra         x
Angola         x
Argentina   x      
Ascension Island         x
Australia   x      
Austria   x      
Bahamas         x
Belgium   x      
Belize         x
Brazil   x      
Canada     x    
Colombia   x      
Comoros         x
Cook Islands         x
Cuba         x
Curacao         x
Denmark   x      
Djibouti         x
Eritrea         x
Ethiopia         x
Falkland Islands         x
Finland   x      
France   x      
Gambia         x
Germany   x      
Greenland         x
Guadeloupe         x
Haiti         x
Kiribati         x
Japan   x      
Latvia   x      
Lebanon         x
Libya         x
Luxembourg   x      
Maldives         x
Martinique         x
Mauritania         x
Mexico x        
Micronesia         x
Netherlands   x      
New Caledonia         x
New Zealand   x      
Niue          x
Norfolk Island         x
North Korea         x
Norway   x      
Palau         x
Poland   x      
Qatar   x      
Romania   x      
San Marino         x
Sao Tome and Principe         x
Saudi Arabia         x
Somalia         x
South Korea   x      
Spain   x      
Sri Lanka   x      
St. Pierre & Miquelon         x
Sudan         x
Sweden   x      
Switzerland   x      
Syria         x
Taiwan   x      
Thailand   x      
Timor Leste         x
Tunisia         x
Turkey   x      
Turkmenistan         x
Tuvalu         x
U.S. Virgin Islands         x
United Arab Emirates   x      
United Kingdom   x      
United States x        
1. Part number marked on cellular module.
2. No cellular support available or sale prohibited.