No blast air flow when the blast control switch is engaged. The water pump DOES NOT cycle while the blast control switch is engaged

Disengage the Emergency Stop.

-Make sure the air compressor is capable of supplying the minimum air flow requirement for your system (see technical specifications in the manual).

-Make sure the air inlet pressure gauge reads 100-175 psi (6.8-12 Bar, 0.68-1.2 MPa). If not, check the air compressor for proper setup.

-Make sure the air inlet filters are clean, and replace if necessary.

-Ensure proper 12V DC supply is connected, and at full charge.

-Inspect cable for damaged or open wiring.

-Check 3A fuse and replace if necessary.

-Check for continuity through connectors on the control box and all external cables.

-Check continuity through the electric blast control switch (the switch is normally open).

-If all above items are functional, replace the 4-way solenoid valve.

-Actuate the blast control switch, and check for proper spool valve actuation in the 4-way valve.

-If no actuation occurs, check the blast control switch and twin-line by disconnecting the yellow tube at the enclosure male quick disconnect, and engage the control switch. If no air comes from the fitting, check the pneumatic blast control filter.

-If the filter is clean, check for signal air at the blast control switch. Replace the pneumatic blast control switch if signal air does not pass through the valve when the handle is depressed.

-If the switch is functioning, make sure the yellow tubing inside the control box is properly connected and clear of obstructions.

-If the tubing is clean and connected, replace the 4-way solenoid valve.