The blast control is not engaged, but blasting still occurs

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

-Perform pressure relief procedure in the manual.

-Make sure all the air pressure is relieved in the unit. If necessary, remove the air filter for access to the air regulator.

-Remove the piston cover. There is a spring inside this cover.

-Remove the diaphragm cover to access the diaphragm and the end of the piston shaft.

-Remove the diaphragm and inspect for any cracks or tears. Replace the diaphragm if necessary.

-Carefully remove the spring and piston assembly, then clean out any debris in the body of the regulator.

-Inspect the piston and its seal for any foreign matter that may have caused the piston to stay open.

-Inspect for any damage to the piston shaft where it interacts with the diaphragm cup. Replace components with excessive water. 

Ensure that the air tubing is routed and connected properly. See Hose Schematic in manual for more detail.

-Inspect the hose cable for damaged or shorted wiring.

-Check the battery and control panel connections/

-Make sure the DC power source is 12V.

-Check the 3A fuse inside the control panel, and replace it if necessary.

-Check the current flow in the circuit. If current exists, replace the relay.

-At the Air-Relay, disconnect the push-to-connect tubing, and check the trigger circuit (from the blast control handle).

-With the blast control switch activated, confirm that there is air flowing from the disconnected tube.

     *The air flow should be at supply air pressure, but the air volume is reduced, due to the size of the fittings and tubing. If you do not get supply air pressure, check the blast control switch for proper operation, and check the blast control hoses for any kinks or internal blocks.

-Check the in-line filter at the industrial interchange nipple connection on the side of the panel (whre you attach the blast control hose).

-If the previous steps do not fix the issue, replace the air relay.