The blast pressure will not reach the desired setpoint

Make sure the air inlet pressure gauge reads 100-125 psi (6.8-8.6 bar, 0.68-0.86 MPa). If the gauge does not read 100-125 psi, check the air compressor for proper setup.

Replace the blast air regulator.

  • Perform pressure relief procedure.
  • Make sure all of the air pressure is relieved in the unit.  If necessary, remove the air filter for access to the air regulator.
  • Remove the piston cover.
  • Remove the diaphragm cover for access to the dispgragm and to the end of the piston shaft.
  • Remove the diaphragm and inspect for any cracks or tears.  Replace the diapgragm if necessary.
  • Carefully remove the spring and piston assembly, then clean out any debris in the body of the regulator.
  • Inspect the piston and its seal for any foreign matter that may have been the cause for the piston to stay open.
  • Inspect for any damage to the piston shaft where it interacts with the diaphragm cup.  Replace components with excessive wear.