No blast air flow when the blast control is engaged. The water pump cycles while the blast control is engaged

Adjust the blast regulator to the desired pressure while the blast control is engaged.

Confirm that the tubing from the blast regulator to the main air regulator is intact. See Hose Schematic in manual for further detail.

Replace the blast air regulator.

  • Perform pressure relief procedure.
  • Make sure all of the air pressure is relieved in the unit.  If necessary, remove the air filter for access to the air regulator.
  • Remove the piston cover.
  • Remove the diaphragm cover for access to the dispgragm and to the end of the piston shaft.
  • Remove the diaphragm and inspect for any cracks or tears.  Replace the diapgragm if necessary.
  • Carefully remove the spring and piston assembly, then clean out any debris in the body of the regulator.
  • Inspect the piston and its seal for any foreign matter that may have been the cause for the piston to stay open.
  • Inspect for any damage to the piston shaft where it interacts with the diaphragm cup.  Replace components with excessive wear.