R1: Ratio Low Error

The mix ratio is lower than the set tolerance for an A to B component volume comparison.

  • Check that the system is fully loaded with material. 
  • Check that the supply pump’s cycle rate is set properly. 
  • Check that the spray tip/nozzle is properly sized for the flow and application, and that it is not clogged. 
  • Check that the fluid regulator is set properly.
Restrict gun needle travel to slow down the initial fluid delivery rate until fluid hoses are loaded with material. 


Adjust component A and B fluid supply regulator pressures until they are about equal. If the pressures are already about equal, verify that component A and B dose valves are operating properly. 

Manually operate the Dose Valve A1 (A2, A3) and B solenoid valves by pressing and releasing solenoid valve override buttons. Valves should snap open and shut quickly. 


Air Pressure to the valve actuators is too low.

  • Increase air pressure. Air pressure must be 75-120 psi (.52-.84 MPa, 5.2-8.4 bar); 120 psi is recommended.

Something is restricting the solenoid or tubing and interrupting valve actuation air.

  • There may be dirt or moisture in the air supply. Filter appropriately.

Dose Valve A1 (A2, A3) is turned in too far. Dose Valve B is open too far. 

  • Refer to Valve Settings, in manual, for adjustment guidelines.

Fluid pressure is high and air pressure is low.

  • Adjust air and fluid pressure. See recommended air pressure above.

Fluid seal in valve has failed. 

  • See corresponding valve manual for repair instructions.