E-4: Ratio Low Alarm

Sequential Dosing System

The mix ratio is lower than the set tolerance on the previous dose cycle.

Dynamic Dosing System

The mix ratio is lower than the set tolerance for an A to B component volume comparison.

  • Check that the system is fully loaded with material. 
  • Check that the supply pump’s cycle rate is set properly. 
  • Check that the spray tip/nozzle is properly sized for the flow and application, and that it is not clogged. 
  • Check that the fluid regulator is set properly.

Restrict gun needle travel to slow down the initial fluid delivery rate until fluid hoses are loaded with material.

Adjust component A and B fluid supply regulator pressures until they are about equal. If the pressures are already about equal, verify that component A and B dose valves are operating properly. 

Manually operate the Dispense A and B solenoid valves as instructed in the ProMix 2KS Repair-Parts manual to check operation.

Increase air pressure. Air pressure must be 75-120 psi (0.52-0.84 MPa, 5.2-8.4 bar); 120 psi is recommended.

There may be dirt or moisture in the air supply. Filter appropriately.

 Refer to: Mix Manifold Valve Settings, in manual, for adjustment guidelines. 

 Adjust air and fluid pressure. See recommended air pressure above.