e-Xtreme Software Change History

The Version History of e-Xtreme Software is listed below. 


What is the change history of e-Xtreme software?
How do I update e-Xtreme software to the latest version?

The version history of e-Xtreme software is listed below.  The software version currently installed on an e-Xtreme system can be found by monitoring the status of the indicator LED on startup while an update token is present.  Details on this process can be found in the e-Xtreme driver instruction manual.

If an upgrade to a newer software version is desired, order the appropriate "Software Upgrade Token" as listed below.  This upgrade token is used to upgrade software on per the procedure described in the Repair section of e-Xtreme driver instruction manual 3A3165.

Reference sprayer manual 3A3164 or driver manual 3A3165 for any questions.

Software Upgrade Token: 17M677 Series A

  • e-Xtreme Electronics Control Boards: 25C187 version 1.02.001
  • Initial Release.

Read, understand and follow all instruction manuals and warning labels supplied with all equipment.  Only trained and qualified personnel should perform repairs on the equipment.  To access the latest manuals in your preferred language go to "graco.com" and use the "Search" function.