Reactor 3 Software Change History

The version history of Reactor 3 Software is listed below. The software currently installed on a Reactor 3 system can be found by navigating to the Advanced -> Software screen. Details on this screen can be found in the system operation manual (Insert Link to Manual)

All Reactor 3 systems should match one of the following system versions.

Software updates can be performed via the following methods

Cellular Update (Pro and Elite Models Only): ensure the "Enable Cellular Software Updates" option is enabled on the Advanced -> Software screen. An on screen prompt will appear on the startup if a software update has been downloaded.

USB Update (All Models) : Download the GTI file from the desired system version below and place it in the root directory of a USB drive (Top Folder) and insert drive into the ADM. Follow on screen prompts to update software. NOTE: on screen prompts will not appear if software version on USB drive is the same or older than the version currently installed.

NOTE: Upgrading software may clear some USB data (i.e. pump cycles, material volume, etc.). It is recommended that a full USB download be completed before upgrading software.

Software Upgrade Part Number: 18B727 Series E


Change History

  • Added transfer pump runaway (pump diving) alarm enable / disable to supply system setup screen
  • Threshold for triggering transfer pump runaway protection at higher pressures was changed to avoid false triggers
  • Transfer pump calibration can now fail and produce an encoder alarm if the motor was unable to move adequately or another alarm occurred that interrupted the calibration process
  • Transfer pump runaway alarm for jog mode was created for running at a high cycle rate without generating much pressure
  • Fixed bug with displaying transfer pump CPM on diagnostic screen



Software Upgrade Part Number: 18B727 Series D


Change History

  • Add user settable maximum/minimum pressure/temperature setpoints
  • Add Jog mode adjustable cycle limit
  • Add transfer pump calibration button and notice

Software Upgrade Part Number: 18B727 Series C


Change History

  • ADM refresh speed improvement
  • Bug fixes for issues displaying flow meter data
  • Update to ISO lube pump current diagnostics
  • Added ability for adjustable maximum electric transfer pump pressure setpoint
  • Adjusted "Park" icon to flash while parking is in-progress

Software Upgrade Part Number: 18B727 Series A


Change History

  • Initial release