Hydraulic pump does not develop pressure. Low or zero pressure with screeching noise.

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Check dipstick to ensure that hydraulic reservoir is properly filled.
  • Make sure the hydraulic pump inlet fitting is fully tight, to ensure no air is leaking into the hydraulic pump inlet.
  • To prime pump: 
    • Run unit at lowest pressure setting and slowly increase pressure. 
    • In some cases it may be necessary to remove cover shroud, belt guard, and drive belt to allow for manual (counterclockwise) rotation of hydraulic pump. 
    • Turn fan pulley by hand. Verify oil flow by removing oil filter to see flow into filter manifold. 
    • Reinstall oil filter. 
    • Do NOT operate unit without a properly installed oil filter.
  • If noise continues longer than 30 seconds, turn off main power disconnect to shut off the motor. 
  • Check that the hydraulic pump inlet fittings are tight and that the pump has not lost its prime.
  • Ensure that the reservoir is properly serviced. 
  • Improve ventilation to allow more efficient heat dissipation.
  • Check drive belt condition. 
  • Replace if broken.