Therm-O-Flow Warm Melt Fieldbus Files

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The Therm-O-Flow Warm Melt Advanced Map supports the control and/or monitoring of one independent pump or a single Tandem system. The map occupies 32 input bytes and 18 output bytes.  The list of available I/O in this map is available in the Communications Gateway Module (CGM) section of the Therm-O-Flow Warm Melt Operation manual (3A8005).

Map Installation:

The fieldbus map must be installed from a token.  Follow the procedure in manual 3A6321 to download the map to a token and complete the installation process.

Alternatively, order the Map Token listed below, and follow the Remote Loading procedure described in manual 3A1244.

Map Details

Map File: 18C458A.gmi
Map Token Ordering Number: 18C459
Map ID: 00000
Map Name: WM Heated Adv
Map Revision: 001.007
Map Date: 8/10/2020


EDS File:



ACD/L5K File: