E03 : No Zone Current

For HOSE, check 183CB HOSE, and 178 CB HOSE.

For "A", 187CB A.

For "B", 197CB B.

  • Visually inspect and check continuity of wiring harnesses from circuit breaker module, through 238CR contactor, heater modules, and heater.
  • Check continuity in the hose set <3 ohms, out and back, with whip hose attached.

Set Hose Zone target key below current actual temperature and turn on the Hose Zone only. (not "A" or "B")

  • Perform transformer secondary check.

          ✓ Measure 90 - 100 VAC between T1 on 183CB-HOSE and T2 on POD HOSE of Hose Heater Module.

                - If not present measure transformer primary

  • Perform transformer primary check.

          ✓ Measure line voltage between T2 on 238CR and T2 on 178CB-HOSE. 

  • Verify line voltage to A1 & A2 of contactor and that all 3 legs pass the proper voltage throught to heater modules.
  • Verify line voltage between all 3 legs of power. L1 to L2, L2 to L3, and L1 to L3.