E03 : No Zone Current

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

For HOSE, check 183CB HOSE, and 178 CB HOSE.

For "A", 187CB A.

For "B", 197CB B.

  • Visually inspect and check continuity of wiring harnesses from circuit breaker module, through 238CR contactor, heater modules, and heater.
  • Check continuity in the hose set <3 ohms, out and back, with whip hose attached.

Set Hose Zone target key below current actual temperature and turn on the Hose Zone only. (not "A" or "B")

  • Perform transformer secondary check.

          ✓ Measure 90 - 100 VAC between T1 on 183CB-HOSE and T2 on POD HOSE of Hose Heater Module.

                - If not present measure transformer primary

  • Perform transformer primary check.

          ✓ Measure line voltage between T2 on 238CR and T2 on 178CB-HOSE. 

  • Verify line voltage to A1 & A2 of contactor and that all 3 legs pass the proper voltage throught to heater modules.
  • Verify line voltage between all 3 legs of power. L1 to L2, L2 to L3, and L1 to L3.