T4NM : High Temperature Motor

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Ensure ambient temperature is below 120°F(49°C) before using the system.


  • Check to see that the motor fan is moving.  Measure voltage to fan.  There should be 24 VDC.  If no voltage is measured, check fan wiring.
  • If the fan has voltage but is not moving, replace fan.
  • If necessary use an air hose to blow out around the fan housings and remove any built-up debris.
  • Verify wiring between the motor temperature sensor and the module.


  • Measure resistance between pins 1 and 3 on motor temperature cable connector.  Readings vary depending on temperature, but at room temperature (72°F/22°C), the resistance should be approximately 1500 to 2500 ohms.  An open circuit reading indicates a possible wire break.  Replace motor.