A1NM : Low Motor Current

No fluid in the pump can cause a low motor current error. Verify:

  • Fluid is in the pumps


  • Inlet valves are open

An outlet restriction does not exist. Verify relief valves are in SPRAY position.



  • Power connector is tightly connected at MCM port #15. Confirm wiring is not pulling connector out of proper position
  • Cable insulation or wire is not cut or frayed.
  • Wires are tightly torqued in power connector terminals. Test by pulling on individual wires in power connector.
  • Cable not damaged at strain relief on motor case

Disconnect motor power connector at MCM port #15. Measure resistances at motor power connector.

Must read less than 8 ohms resistance between each pair of motor power leads (M1 to M2, M1 to M3, M2 to M3). If any readings greater than 8 ohms and previous step ("Loose/broken power connection or motor cable") was verified, then motor may need replacement.