A1NM : Low Motor Current

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.


  • Power connector is tightly connected at MCM port #15. Confirm wiring is not pulling connector out of proper position.
  • Cable insulation or wire is not cut or frayed.
  • Wires are tightly torqued in power connector terminals. Test by pulling on individual wires in power connector.
  • Cable not damaged at strain relief on motor case.

Disconnect motor power connector at MCM port #15. Measure resistances at motor power connector.

Must read less than 8 ohms resistance between each pair of motor power leads (M1 to M2, M1 to M3, M2 to M3). If any readings greater than 8 ohms and previous step ("Loose/broken power connection or motor cable") was verified, then motor may need replacement.

Check motor brushes and replace if needed.


Check for loose wire terminations at motor brush wire terminal screws.


Disconnect motor output connector from MCM. Confirm less than 8ohms resistance between motor power leads. If reading is greater than 8 ohms, check motor wiring for damage and/or loose terminations.


No fluid in the pump can cause a low motor current error. Verify:

  • Fluid is in the pumps.


  • Inlet valves are open.