T4HA : (E01) High Temp. Hose A

  • Uncoil entire hose before heating.  Multiple sections of hose piled or wrapped creates self-heating and leads to this problem.
  • Hose temperature is measured in the A-side (red) fluid hose approximately 18 in. (0.5 m) back toward the proportioner from the FTS fittings.  
  • Confirm that insulation is intact over, at minimum, the last 6 ft (2 m) of the A-side hose.  
    • If not, replace missing insulation over the individual hoses.  (Wrapping replacement insulation over the whole hose bundle is not sufficient for proper hose temperature control.)  
  • Replacement insulation is available from Graco or a hardware store.
  • Cold ambient temperature is chilling the FTS and causing hose heat to stay on longer than needed. Insulate the FTS area of the hose so that it heats at the same rate as the rest of the hose.