WBFA : Encoder Fault TPC A

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Disconnect power from the TPC and wait 5 minutes.


Within the TPC, verify that the connectors on the motor cable are secured to the receptacles on the PCB. Verify that wire ferrules are secured in the connectors.


Within the motor, verify that the encoder connectors are properly mated.


Note: The conditions for this error are checked only on power up.  To reset or re-check this error, cycle power to the entire Reactor system.

Disconnect power from the TPC and wait 5 minutes.


Verify that the encoder stem is properly installed into the motor shaft.


Verify that the encoder mounting tabs are properly secured to the motor.

Disconnect power from the TPC and wait 5 minutes.


Disconnect the motor cable from the TPC and motor.  Check all encoder signals for continuity between both ends of the cable.

Replace encoder.

The encoder calibration procedure will activate after one of the following events occurs and the transfer pump is turned on:

 - A new TPC is first connected to a Reactor system

 - A transfer pump configuration has been changed from "Air" to "Electric" within the setup screen

 - The transfer pump calibration button has been pressed within the setup screen

 - A calibration had been previously attempted but failed (resulted in a WBFA or WBFB alarm)

The transfer pump encoder calibration procedure can fail if the procedure is interrupted by another alarm or if the pump is not able to freely move during the calibration procedure. When a pump fails to calibrate properly, the pump will automatically try to calibrate again the next time the pump is turned on.

If the calibration procedure was interrupted by a different alarm, address the cause of that issue and try again.

If the pump is unable to move adequately, create a low back pressure fluid path for the pump. The preferred method is to open the recirculation valves to allow fluid to flow back into the drum or waste pail. Enable the transfer pumps via transfer pump jog mode at a slow jog speed, or alternatively, enable the entire system via pressure mode. The transfer pumps can also be calibrated by starting the entire system in pressure mode with the recirculation valves closed, however, it may take several attempts for this method to be successful.