Maintenance Schedule

The equipment maintenance schedule for your Reactor is listed below.  It is intended to keep your machine performing well and to optimize the investment in your equipment.

  • Check level and condition of ISO lube.
  • Check felt washers and packing nut/wet cup.  Keep saturated with TSL, add TSL as needed.
  • Check fluid inlet filter screens.
  • Visually check pump throat seals for external leakage and replace as necessary.
  • Ensure ISO (A) pump is down and in PARK position during every shutdown.
  • Keep any ISO (A) fluid from being exposed to atmosphere to prevent crystallization.
  • Close gun fluid shutoff valves when not in use.
  • Apply Fusion Grease to A and B circulation valves.
  • Check and clean check valves on gun.
  • Check that all fans are operating in electrical cabinet and motor (if applicable).
  • Perform pump stall check to verify internal pump seals.
  • Verify all electrical wiring is firmly secured to breakers and circuit boards.
  • Check for hose connections leaks.
  • Check for cracked or broken connections and verify all connections are secure for hose.
  • Replace ISO lube.
  • Clean gun mix chamber.
  • Check for scratches on side seals and mix chamber in gun.
  • Repair hose sections that are damaged or worn.  Pay close attention to hose insulation.