ToughTek: F800e

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

NOTICE: To prevent material curing in the system, never load material into a dry system.  Loading material into a dry system will cause the material to stick to internal components and cure, causing damage and requiring replacement of those parts.

  1. Fill the clean hopper with material to be sprayed.
  2. Place the hose outlet in a 5 gallon waste container.
    NOTICE: To prevent damage to pump seals caused by cavitation, run the pump slowly until the system is primed.
  3. Turn the power disconnect switch to ON and the 3-way switch to RUN.
  4. Turn the speed control knob clockwise slowly to increase pressure, until water is purged out and a steady stream of material flows from the applicator.
  5. To stop dispensing, turn the speed control knob counterclockwise until it stops.
  6. Place the hose outlet into the hopper.
  7. Turn the speed control knob clockwise and recirculate a few gallons of material to be sure the material is flowing properly.
  8. Turn the speed control knob counterclockwise to stop the pump.
  9. Install the applicator without a tip onto the hose and pump material until material has been pushed out of the applicator, then stop the pump.
  10. Install a tip onto the applicator (see the applicator manual). The system is now primed and ready to spray.