E27 : High Motor Voltage

  • Reduce fluid pressure, gun mix chamber size, or move the Reactor to a cooler location. Allow one hour for cooling before re-setting
  • Obstruction around the fan area that would cause lack of airflow.
  • Operating without motor/fan shroud in place
  • Operating without the electrical cabinet front cover in place
  • The brush wear/over-temp switch wire assembly is not plugged into J7 (E-20/E-XP1) or J6 (E-30/E-XP2) 
  •  With the main power off, unplug the wire harness from J7 (E-20/E-XP1) or J6 (E-30/E-XP2)  on the motor control board and install a jumper wire on pins 1 & 2.  Turn the main power back on.

The E27 error should be gone.


  • If the E27 error is gone and the motor is truly not overheated then the problem is likely in the motor/motor wire harness assembly.  You can verify this by measuring the resistance between the 2 yellow wires that go to pins 1 & 2 of the motor o/t connector.  If it is an open connection, the thermal overload switch is open or there is a broken wire inside the motor or in the motor harness. 
  • If the E27 error code is still there, then double check to see if pins 1 & 2 are jumpered properly. If they were jumpered properly then it would likely be a problem within the motor control board.