E29 : Brush Wear

  • Follow the orange wire coming from J7 (E-20/E-XP1), or J6 (E-30/E-XP2), up to the spade connector on the motor. Using a flashlight to see check and make sure the spade plug assembly is not making contact with the metal housing of the brush assembly.

To check:

  • Remove the plug in J7 (E-20/E-XP1), or J6 (E-30/E-XP2).  (This will cause an E27 alarm).
  • To remove the E27 alarm, use a jumper wire on the motor control board, across the two pins that the two yellow wires plugged into. Then turn the unit on.
  • The E27 as well as the E29 alarm should be gone. If the E27 alarm is not gone double-check your jumper.
  • If the jumper is installed correctly and the E29 alarm is still there. This would indicate the motor control board is bad. Replace the motor control board.