T4DH : High Temperature Hose

To avoid serious injury follow all warnings and instructions in the manual. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

The whole length of the Reactor's hose is heated as a single unit based upon the temperature measured at a single point in the hose--specifically at the tip of the FTS. Graco recommends that the FTS be placed close to the gun, ideally just before the whip hose but no more than 60 feet back from the gun in order to allow the Reactor hose heat to operate in a predictable manner.  

It is understood that a balance must be struck between measuring temperature at the gun and controlling temperature based on the environment in which the majority of the hose is located (interior/exterior location, sun/shade, snow, wind, air temperature, etc.).  On the other hand, the closer the measurement is made to the gun, the better the Reactor system knows and can respond to changes in actual gun spray temperature.

  • Uncoil entire hose before heating. Multiple sections of hose piled or wrapped creates self-heating and leads to this problem.


  • Hose temperature is measured in the A-side (red) fluid hose approximately 18 in. (0.5 m) back toward the proportioner from the FTS fittings.  
  • Confirm that insulation is intact over, at minimum, the last 6 ft (2 m) of the A-side hose.  
    • If not, replace missing insulation over the individual hoses. (Wrapping replacement insulation over the whole hose bundle is not sufficient for proper hose temperature control.)  
  • Replacement insulation is available from Graco or a hardware store.
  • Cold ambient temperature is chilling the FTS and causing hose heat to stay on longer than needed. Insulate the FTS area of the hose so that it heats at the same rate as the rest of the hose.